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Sunday, November 15, 2009

A little Yellow with envy

After a nice long South Park ride yesterday that was just in one word fun. I called up one of my newer friends and found out she was actually free for almost a half day today! This meant we were riding Yellow Creek SP. Well the excitement could have been premature but its was due. Yellow Creek does rock. Its got a little of everything. Pine forest pine needle flowiness, Rolling hardwood singletrack, Davis WV like ferny rocky plantation trail, flowly corn field downhills, steep uphill, pump track like sections with some flowly loamy and ferny though in as well. We rode 12 milish of trali there and it literally felt like you hit every Western Pa MTB trail in that 12 miles, but yet it was distinctly Yellow Creek.

After some pine needle double track we hit the first single track. This section was flatish Pine Needle flowly piece of goodness. This section alone would have been worth the one hour drive from the burgh.

Kim our gracious guide basically tore up the pine needles

and is Smiling because of it.

After some rolly polly hardwoods riding we do the first little creek crossing.

Erika showing us how its done

on her SS

after a really hard doubletrack 100 yard of 20 percent grade with leaves that I some how made it up, we get in some ferny rolly singletrack with views of the lake.


Kim zoomin on the sweet track

 Scenery with people

our favorite cheater on her big wheels

We then came to the River crossing Erika does not like the river crossing.

I should have went to help but I was taking pictures Kim goes to save our scardy friend. Typical guy right? I stand around while the women do all the WORK!

after that some more scenery appeared out of nowhere

We then rode some flowly trail with huge Log piles. I pretty much rock and Kim should have a camera since she takes better pics than me!

Then we happened upon a super fun boulder field with some rock gardens, I wish I would of taken more pictures here.

Erika being brave on the rock Spine.

Kim's first attempt didnt go so well(this is much more off cambered than it looks)

Her second attempted went alot better.

on the down

Me going the opposite way totally air borne

and I alwasy like to drop it likes it hot.

 If you reading this and can drive here in a couple hours its was worth it. There was so much stuff I didnt take pictures of as well. again thanks guys and it always rocks to ride with some rippin chicks.

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