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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pa is Rocking

May 1st - Apollo Roaing Run, Apollo, Pa

an hour northeast of pittsburgh there is some REALLY fun singletrack that is both technical and flowly at the same time. Tons of fun little rock rolls, bridges, logpiles and bridges skinny and fat. Some extremely challenging rock gardens as well. Miles? about 25 miles of very well thought out singletrack.

Another great day riding in the Pennslyvanian Rain Forest.

Its been raining nearly everyday the soil here is loamy meaning its is pretty much rut proof, but the logs on the other hand can get quite slick...

embassing pictures of me trying a very small step up.

to anyone scared to ride clipless this is how quick you can get out.

Ok well I really dont suck so here is the second try

Wheelie drop

Pasuck on one of the dozens of bridges built to avoid the wet spots

western Pa singletrack, I feel bad for riders who dont have singletrack like this near by.

some more pictures of the trail wish we would of stop to get some of the harder sections on camera

lil rock roll

it was cherry sweet

May 2nd Moraine State Park

rode the most technical trail I have ever ridden in my life yesteday. Rock gardens, logs, log piles, Rock rides skinnys, steps up and down, off cambered turns, drops. You name it and it was here. its 30 miles of riding packed into 11 miles of Gnar. Particle if you thought this trail was hard before wait to you see the new sections its freaking ridiculous. Standing logs 30 inches tall, 6 foot tall log pile, numerous tricky rock move.

(sorry for some of the cell phone pics)

at moraine this just about as easy the trail gets, and trust me when I say this, this is like all of these pictures dont do this place justice.

Troy on a steep rock roll down

Erae on Pennslyvania slick rock I lied the slickrock section are actually easy to ride so much grip

E Rae hoping some logs

Jeff riding one of the many low easier to ride bridges

Troy leaping like a treefrog over the logs

Rock? heck no there is no rock here

this is me clearing the second part of the "rockelator" what you cant see is the lead into this which is steeper and twisted, and you cant see the 15 foot drop 2 feet away to my right, and you cant see the left turn right after this to 10 more yards of "rockelator"

Rae is seeing whats coming down the grapevine

The trail builder riding what is actually 4 of these features in a row.

the last drop is for sure wheelie droppable once it gets ridden in alittle bit

ok this is a different day but me and troy both rode this very cool step up

this leads to

which leads to this

then after this there is a 5 foot super steep roll down right over the downed trees onto the roots its really hard to explain hopefully the other pictures get posted soon.